Somethings Are Even Better The Next Day

Leftover stew gets even better when you have it leftover the next day. Homemade soup is another thing that gets better also, even cheese cake I like the next day. With cheese cake it never makes it to desert the next day because I end up having it as a snack. Soup and stew always ends up a lunch or another supper. I realize it is likely just I like homemade soup and stew so much that I feel they taste better the next day. They are both the type of comfort food that if I could I would have once a week. Thankfully my wife keeps me making different things. I think if it wasn’t for my wife and family my meals would be repetitive and boring. Yes I totally enjoyed the leftover stew after I got home from the hockey game. Tomorrow onto something different.

About Graham Stewart

This is me on a bad day.
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