Leftover Stuffing

I have leftover stuffing, yes that’s a very good thing for me. Thanksgiving it was all gone by the time the meal was finished. Reheated leftover stuffing covered with gravy is for me a treat, especially my stuffing song stuffing (Dec.2018) I made extra for Christmas, but still of the about 4 litres there is only about 3 cups left. If I am totally honest about it I could eat stuffing with every meal. Problem is that isn’t a very healthy thing to do. I have made my stuffing for other meats, but it isn’t the same. The flavour that is created when it is cooked in the turkey can’t be recreated in other ways. Yes the extra stuffing is cooked in a foil packet and then mixed with what comes out of the turkey, it then spends a half hour back in the oven. This allows the flavours to combine. I end up with stuffing that’s a treat for my family to eat. That’s why I rarely have enough leftovers to feed my craving for it. Maybe they just eat lots so that I eat to much myself.

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2 Responses to Leftover Stuffing

  1. molaplume says:

    Good morning, my dear igloo dweller of the Northern Plains. Yes, leftovers are great. One easy way to re-engineer most of them is to put some olive oil on a skillet, throw the whole lot and stir gently. Then mix two eggs in a bowl and dump it to create a delicious mix, reminiscent of a Spanish tortilla (if there are potatoes) or a French quiche (if there are more veggies) Never throw away anything.
    A big hug. Arrivederci.

  2. A_Boleyn says:

    Who needs turkey when you have stuffing with gravy? 🙂

    I always called dibs (mentally, at least) on my mom’s leftover stuffing. It was a combination of a dirty rice made with giblets and a more traditional stuffing with dried herbs, mostly parsley, and croutons made with oven dried and seasoned bread. Instead of water she used a sort of quick turkey broth made from the turkey neck and giblets and stuffed it all into the turkey before roasting it.

    Sadly, this year, when I thawed and checked inside my utility turkey, I found nothing … no neck, not even a bag with a bit of liver in there. I miss the days when you got a nice paper back of ‘extras’ in there … the gizzard, heart, liver, even a bit of kidney. So, I made a quick stock with the backbone and ‘pope’s nose’ from spatch-cocking (cutting out the backbone and cracking the breastbone) my turkey and used it to moisten the package of Stove Top stuffing that I bought from the grocery store. To what sad depths I’ve fallen in my old age.

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