Christmas Day is Done

Another Christmas Day is over and as usual everyone ate to much. The kids have left and now it’s time to relax. Every year I say I am not going to eat to much, every year I fail at that. It’s not that I have a lot for dinner it’s all the snacking. Now we have a fridge full of leftovers. For us that is a good thing. Today it’s hot turkey sandwiches. My wife and I enjoy them the day after Christmas as much as we enjoy Christmas dinner. The meal Christmas Day is great but it is a hectic time getting that much food on the table. Boxing Day it is just my wife and I, so it’s relaxing. Leftovers and hot turkey sandwiches with lots of gravy. It’s simple and easy and yes really really good. Later comes the challenge of what to make with all the leftovers. For me that challenge is fun and I look forward to it after every holiday meal. So today my wife and I relax. We need it, Easter is coming

About Graham Stewart

This is me on a bad day.
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