Prepping Christmas

Today we will do a lot of the work for Christmas Day. Just leftovers  for supper, ham and scallop potatoes from Sunday. This gives me a basically free day to get things done so it won’t be a mad house Christmas Day. First job is things for my Christmas breakfast, no spoilers on that. That will be posted Christmas Day. So will start with cleaning the brussel sprouts, which is a tedious job. Christmas Day all that I will have to do is microwave them. I’ll slice the ham and get on the serving plate, cover it tightly with plastic wrap and put it in the fridge. I will help my wife with the broccoli slaw, and she will make our desert. My stuffing song stuffing will be made and put in the fridge (Dec.2018). Other little things will get prepared and ready for Christmas Day. Getting as much done as possible makes Christmas Day much more enjoyable. Basically all that will be left is peeling potatoes and about a half hour of cooking, which isn’t  much work.

Doing all these things today allows us to spend time enjoying our kids and grandkids on Christmas Day. For us that time is what our Christmas is all about. It is fun when everyone opens their presents but in our hearts what is Christmas is our FAMILY.

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This is me on a bad day.
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