Ham for Supper and Christmas

Cooking a ham today which will be our supper and then will have it for our Christmas dinner. Usually I cook a ham Christmas Eve but this year because of Christmas being Wednesday I decided we would have it today. Having ham on the table for Christmas dinner has become a tradition with us. The nice part of having the ham in the fridge after Christmas is it gives a break from leftover turkey. Sometimes I think we have to much food on the table at Christmas, but it wouldn’t be Christmas if we didn’t. Turkey, ham, meatballs, and cabbage rolls are a must on our table. The only must be on the table for a vegetable is brussel sprouts. This year we’re also having broccoli slaw and green beans amandine. It wouldn’t be a Christmas dinner without olive and pickles on the table. So yes a lot of things but it’s Christmas.

So today my favourite meal, ham and scallop potatoes (April 2019). Both recipes are already posts on the site. Yes about 9 pm I will likely have a little ham for a snack. Roasted ham makes a great snack. But then again so does leftover turkey.

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