It Doesn’t Look Fancy

At supper Sunday Ian and I were talking about my blog. A work friend of his had looked at my blog. His critic was my food doesn’t look fancy, it looks like food everybody eats. He said it was nice to see a food blog that showed the food that way. To me that is the biggest compliment I could get about my blog. My blog isn’t about making my food look fancy. When the average person cooks supper every night they don’t decorate it with parsley or chives. I do play with parsley and chives and make everything look fancy when we have company, most people do. Holiday meals I do go a little overboard with decorating my food, but that’s okay it’s a holiday meal. My wife keeps telling me that I should decorate the plate before I take a picture. I agree it would make for a prettier picture, but it wouldn’t make the food taste better. This blog is about the food we eat all the time that I cook. The thing it isn’t is about taking a pretty picture for my blog. It would be dishonest of me to decorate the plate just because I was taking a picture of it. I do try to make the food on my plate look good, its something I do all the time. Yes it a good thing to make your plate look nice before you eat, and yes it’s a nice thing to make you food look pretty for company and holidays. With my pictures you see what we eat everyday, and like 99.9 percent of the people it isn’t decorated to look fancy. It is cooked to taste good and that’s what really matters.

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This is me on a bad day.
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