An Understanding of Food

There isn’t much on tv this afternoon and I have my prep work done for supper. Thankfully CNN is running reruns of Anthony Bourdains series. His show was one I never missed, he is a great loss. This show a statement was made about why someone at the age of 50 left there job as a writer to cook in France. The why was because they had built a life long understanding of food and just had to do it. Funny how things can open your eyes to something that has become apart of who you are. That understanding of food is so much apart of who I am and how I cook. I have spent my life since the age of 14 thinking about food, making it, experimenting with flavours, and learning what works and what doesn’t. The hunger to understand how to make something taste good has driven me all this time. Yes I understand food, but I am still learning. That was brought forth in this show, there is always more to know and learn and it drives you always to try something new and make something different. As put forth in the show it is the curse of someone who likes to cook. Guess I have that curse.

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