Melted Cheese

A54E0556-4A21-4AC7-9196-EA5992876A07I have a memory from when I was very young that sticks with me and  pops into my mind every couple of weeks. I give into the memory every couple of years. A plate of melted old cheddar cheese, not that healthy a thing. The memory is of my mother making melted cheese for my brother Doug and I. She did it over the wood stove. She cut a cube of cheese, opened the lid of the fire box of the stove. Holding the cube of cheese in the flames with a fork until it was melted and crispy on the outside. It is a memory that bring a smile and gives me a nice feeling.  I can’t duplicate exactly what she did so I have had to do something similar to satisfy my memory craving. I grate about a cup and a half of old cheddar cheese and spread it on a dinner plate evenly. Put it in the oven under the broiler, I broil it until the top turns crispy and the edges are browned. You have to watch it closely or it will burn. When I take it from the oven I sprinkle it with pepper and serve it with toast. The crispy and melted gooey cheese fulfills my memory craving. It may not be a healthy thing to eat but the memory it invokes is a very healthy thing. It is a good thing to give into our food memories every so often and enjoy the the feelings that it brings.

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30 Responses to Melted Cheese

  1. The story of your memory brought a smile to my face 🌞

  2. A_Boleyn says:

    Food memories are the best. Thank you for sharing yours. Here’s one of mine.

    My mom was not an imaginative cook … but we never went hungry and she’d make a pot of crepe batter at 7pm, after a long day on her feet washing dishes in a Jewish deli, when my dad would ask for something sweet. Desserts were rarely made/eaten at our house so when we got them, they were extra special. The funny part was, after each of us had a couple of crepes and my dad had his 3 or 4, there was still most of a pot of batter left that my mom would keep frying. I think she’d have one, if that. There would still be crepes in the fridge for the next couple of days though … happy news for my brother and myself.

  3. Sounds decadent and tasty.

  4. I recently bought a cheaper brand of tasty cheese, it was bland and tasted horrid. I have slowly been using it for cooking and adding other flavours to make it palatable. My father used to melt cheese and put it on bread.

    • glencairn says:

      I know how you feel cheap cheese is just bad cheese. We are lucky here in Winnipeg two of the best cheese makers in Canada are in Manitoba. Bothwell has a factory store and it’s a half hour away. Makes great cheese very reasonable.


  6. What a vivid, enchanting description of a childhood memory. You brought me into both your kitchen and your mom’s and now have me craving grilled cheese…and I don’t even like grilled cheese! 🙂

  7. Go ahead and enjoy it. Cheese has lots of calcium and is also good for your teeth as it neutralises acid in the mouth from eg fruit.

  8. eponine3 says:

    I don’t see why that’s so unhealthy. Nothing wrong with cheddar cheese or toast. Looks wonderful! I love the idea to replicate your mom’s specialty. And I loved the story 🙂

  9. On occasion I’ve been known to grate cheese, spread it in silver-dollar size discs in a cast iron skillet and fry it. Chewy, crispy deliciousness.

  10. gretchenwing says:

    Good for you! Melted cheddar is my love language (to myself).

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