Cornbread Recipe Found

Did a little more research and found the recipe. This morning I thought I would look in the assortment of cookbooks I have. Found some recipes that were similar in a few cookbooks. I was about to give up but thought I might as well look at an old recipe book I have. Looking at it was more for fun than looking for a cornbread recipe. The recipe book is a photocopy of a 1909 Magic Baking Powder cookbook. I have the original but it is fragile so years ago I made copies. Lots of fun recipes in it, steak and kidney pudding is special for me. Its exactly the recipe my mother made. It was always a special meal for my family growing up. Other cute parts are rotating cookie sheets in the oven of your wood stove. It has been years since I last looked at it. Going thru the pages there it was the cornbread recipe with kernel corn and creamed corn and white pepper. It didn’t call for a jalapeño pepper it just says spicy pepper. Says leftover cream corn which would of been home made. It is nice to find it, so now I just have to make it.

Looking at the cookbook made me realize I should be utilizing that cookbook more, that is why I copied it. I can update and modify those basic recipes and make them current. They were the best recipes of there time. So many of them have been forgotten in our age of fast and simple meals.

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3 Responses to Cornbread Recipe Found

  1. Cathy says:

    Please share the Cornbread and Steak and Kidney Pudding recipes.

  2. jadwiga49hjk says:

    yes please share your recipes.
    I have old Bero recipe books from my childhood. This is a flour company in England and the books are cake and biscuit recipes.

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