More on Christmas Breakfast

Was for some reason thinking about clam chowder, which really has nothing to do with Christmas breakfast. Not sure whether I like New England or Manhattan clam chowder the most. They are drastically different except for clams. New England has the creamy comforting eat me on a cold rainy day enjoyment to it. Manhattan has the tomato broth that yells at you, dip bread in me satisfying enjoyment. They are different but both great.

So now to what this could possibly have to do with Christmas breakfast. Well if your a little weird like I am you’ll make the connection. It isn’t the clams in Manhattan clam chowder that has peaked my interest it’s the tomato broth. If I take the ingredients in the broth and cook them down to a sauce I could serve it over a poached egg. It would go well with a poached egg. It has my mind going to treating it kind of like eggs benedict. Sprinkle chopped chives or parsley on it and I have the red and green. Back bacon and English muffin wouldn’t work with it. Would have to find something totally different to make it work with my weird mind. Maybe a patty made from finnan hadie might work. Likely there are other things too. One more thing to add to my maybe list. Thankfully have lots of time left.

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2 Responses to More on Christmas Breakfast

  1. kevinashton says:

    Manhattan clam chowder would definitely go better with eggs rather creamy New England Clam Chowder. I would suggest you consider scrambling the eggs rather than poaching them. If you make a tomato broth with little neck clams in them I also suggest you leave the dice potatoes out of the soup and perhaps sauté the potatoes instead and serving them on the side. If you are concern about your English muffin getting soggy you might use a toasted bagel or even a slice of olive bread and make bruschetta.
    Best Wishes

    • glencairn says:

      Thanks that gives me a new angle to work with. Having never done normal things for Christmas breakfast it gets tricky to come up with different things that will still taste great. Any ideas are appreciated.

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