First of Many

This is the first of many ideas for things I can use for Christmas breakfast. Came across a rhubarb compote recipe served on a bagel with cream cheese. I like rhubarb and cream cheese, that’s not crazy enough for me. The rhubarb on the other hand gives me some ideas. Could take stewed rhubarb add some salt, pepper, garlic, and mustard. Cook some minced bacon and drain it and add it with the rhubarb and make a hot jam that I could serve on top of a sausage patty. I know the taste will work extremely well together. With out any sugar in the stewed rhubarb it would give a sourness that would balance the other ingredients and compliment the sausage patty. This gives me one idea to start with and something to fall back to if nothing else triggers my mind. Or it could be mixed with something else. Maybe as in other years I will just trash it.

About Graham Stewart

This is me on a bad day.
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