Christmas Breakfast

Well it is that time of the year for me. This is when I start thinking about what I am going to cook for Christmas breakfast. Christmas breakfast is the favourite meal I cook. The kids look forward to eating it because it is always something totally different, things you don’t even find on restaurant menus. I have been cooking Christmas breakfast for our kids and grandkids for over 20 years now. I guess some would say it’s weird that I have never cooked a normal breakfast on Christmas Day. Doing that just wouldn’t be me. Since I want everything to be different each year it takes me a few months to come up with a plan. I start by looking at brunch and breakfast recipes, making mental notes of ingredients and concepts. From there I look at special breakfast recipes that different countries have. From there I think about different things I can put together that will create something totally different and maybe a little crazy that will taste great. So far I have succeeded every year. This year I will put on here the concept I come up with and where it takes me. Hopefully I will have another year where everyone thinks breakfast was great. I won’t post the final decision and what my warped mind came up with till after Christmas. Every Christmas making breakfast has a few rules. Kids don’t know what their going to eat and that it must have red and green in it. From there anything is fair game.

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9 Responses to Christmas Breakfast

  1. I like your approach. It’s a great way to add an element of surprise to a holiday. I’m sure you will come up with something that is loosely related to breakfast but you will bend it to your own preference.

  2. glencairn says:

    Ok understand that.

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