Heirloom Tomatoes

I have been growing heirloom tomatoes for a few years now. The last couple of years it’s been better bush, this year I tried a different kind. Since the growing time is longer its the end of August that I start getting ripe tomatoes. This year with ox blood tomatoes I just got my first ripe tomato today. Since I am a little weird I did a lot of research on heirloom tomatoes. The different thing about them is they are actually ripe when they aren’t totally red. If you wait till the skin is completely red they are over ripe and lose their taste. The reason I grow them is because the fast growing hybrids really don’t taste like the tomatoes that I remember eating right out of the garden. The sweet but acidic taste just isn’t what you get from a hybrid. They taste like supermarket tomatoes. So tonight we are having soup and toasted tomato sandwiches for supper. It’s been along wait but its worth the wait to have a great tomato.

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2 Responses to Heirloom Tomatoes

  1. You are wise in the way of the tomato, sir. I tend to grow for maximum production but I should really reserve some room for heirlooms. My tomatoes have been beaten down by extreme heat and no rain for nearly 3 weeks. Oh, well…I guess my season is over.

    • glencairn says:

      Heirlooms actually give you more tomatoes. One heirloom tomato is the same amount of tomato as about 5 of the small hybrids. I get about 40 tomatoes from a plant. Thing is each tomato is about a pound and a half. 1 slice covers a slice of toast.

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