Fried Garlic Sausage Sandwich

5A72BDC1-3366-4D0E-B6A3-2B3E549111895504474E-786C-473F-A3A9-161555F524B6Eating healthy is something we all should do, but that doesn’t mean you should never have something that isn’t super healthy. You just don’t have it all the time. Fried garlic sausage sandwiches are something I have 2 or 3 times a year. The first time I had one was in a local restaurant, was hooked after the first bite. Garlic sausage is  something I use to eat often, but had never fried it. The sandwich was great, fried garlic sausage, cheese, hot mustard, toast with lots of butter. Really just all the good stuff I like. The hot garlic sausage starts to melt the cheese and it gets a grilled cheese texture. It’s a pleasure to eat.

The restaurant was only open for a couple of years. So I started making the sandwiches at home. So the only change I made was the cheese, no processed cheese slice.

10 slices of coarse garlic sausage about 1/8 inch thick

thinly sliced cheddar cheese

hot mustard

heavily buttered toast

In a dry non stick frying pan on medium heat place garlic sausage. Cook for approximately 4 minutes, turn over and cook for 4 more minutes. When you turn over start your toast. When toast is done and buttered, spread mustard one slice, place cheese on toast and then garlic sausage on cheese. Cover with mustard covered toast. Warning if you eat one you will be hooked on them.

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2 Responses to Fried Garlic Sausage Sandwich

  1. Terry says:

    Very underrated sandwich. This is pub faire but I’ve never seen it in a pub. Tastes great with a cold lager.

    • Yes it is a great sandwich. The little restaurant in Winnipeg were I originally had it went out of business years ago and I have never seen it anyplace else. Your right it’s perfect with a cold beer.

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