Why Glencairn

I was asked why my blog is called Glencairn. The reason is the picture that is now on the site. The picture I am still trying to get right, think I have finally figured out how to get it right. Will find out when I try after the new year.

We were at a family reunion and one of my cousins had the picture and wanted to know who wanted copies.  My aunt Wilma told me this story that my Grandfather had called his farm, the farm in the picture, Glencairn. Don’t know if it’s just a story or if he did. Will take her word as fact.

Since I was starting my blog much like he started his farm, Glencairn seemed like a good name for it. We have the picture on our wall and I look at it sometimes when I am working on the blog. It is an inspiration when the writing, which is not something I find easy, gets to me.  What I am doing isn’t hard at all, what he did coming to Canada in 1897 from Scotland  and building the farm up to what it was, that was hard.

So the name may not describe what my blog is about but the name means a lot to me.

About Graham Stewart

This is me on a bad day.
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1 Response to Why Glencairn

  1. Cathy says:

    Lovely picture of our Family Homestead that has meant so much to my Dad. Thank you for sharing.

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